In order to encourage increased productivity, improved quality and higher efficiency, the Council invites applications for new Membership. Membership is open to private and public sector industries, commercial undertaking (including banks), service sectors and others interested in productivity.


Application for membership is to be made in the prescribed from, which is available on request, accompanied by the appropriate fees. 



Details of  Membership fees are as below :


     Description      Annual Subscription
      (a) Industrial / Commercial Enterprises :  
            Employees more than 2000 :
            Employees from 1000 to 2000 :
            Employees less than 1000 :
            Registered SSI Enterprises :
       Rs. 2,500/-
       Rs. 1,250/-
       Rs. 700/-
       Rs. 300/-
       (b) Organization of Employers :        Rs. 1,000/-
       (c) Organization of Employees :        Rs. 250/-
       (d) Educational,Research,&Professional Institutions :        Rs. 250/-
       (e) Individuals :        Rs. 250/-


P.S. :  An equal amount is payable as Entrance Free at the time of application.







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