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State Productivity Council West Bengal (SPC-WB), formerly known as Calcutta Productivity Council, is a constituent of National Productivity Council, Government of India , founded on July 23,1959 under the Societies Registration act XXI of 1860.It is an autonomous body, multipartite in its constitution and is aided by Government of West Bengal and Central Government. It has been formed primarily to provide a forum for co-operation among Labor ,Management, Government and Professional Specialists from various professional institutions for the purpose of achieving higher efficiency and productivity in all walks of life in this region of the country.



The specific objective of the SPC-WB WB is to stimulate productivity consciousness in the industrial &commercial enterprises, agriculture, transport & communication, administration, service sectors etc. with a view to maximizing the utilization of available resources of men, machines, materials and capital; to wage war against waste: to disseminate information regarding advancement in techniques and processes among the Executives, Supervisors and Workmen, thereby to help enrich quality of life.


The concept of productivity now encompasses not only the efficient use of resources, but also of quality, environmental protection and integrated economic & social development. SPC-WB aims at promoting these as a part of its objectives and activities.







It has a broad-based Governing Body with the Chief Minister of West Bengal as its ex-officio President. Besides, Minister for Commerce & Industries, Minister for Labor and Minister for Cottage & Small Scale Industries, Government of West Bengal are the members of the Governing Body, in addition to senior Government Officials, representatives from Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce and Professional Institutions.








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